My dream date

We’ve been seeing each other for less than a year, and I’m loving her company.
She’s a unique person in her own way. She is loving, thoughtful, kind and sweet.
We hang out and have fun if time permits, but unfortunately, those are not frequent.
We get to hang out at least once week though. If we aren’t with each other, we resort to Skype to see each other. I can cope with that because I can say that she’s worth it.

So here’s my proposal for a dream date with her.
With the help of coupon sites, I can maximize the budget without sacrificing the fun and the quality.

Flowers: I’m sure she’ll love these. These cost around 5 euros.
Dinner Buffet at Flower Story Cafe: = 7 Euros
Flight to Coron, Palawan = 110usd approx. = 77eur
Coron Accomodations: = 155 Euros

For a total of 244 Euros.

Date of flight: December 16.

On Sunday, December 11, I will buy the flowers at a citiflora branch and get the discount from the voucher. And later during the day, I will go to her house and ask her out for a dinner date (taking care of the reservations beforehand). During the date, I will surprise her with the flowers and later during the night, I will kid about going to a getaway to a beach. I’ll slowly specify the details; Beach, breathtaking views, snorkeling, diving and swimming. Just the two of us.
Then I’ll slowly reveal the plans that i’ve made for us, and if i’m lucky enough, she’ll say yes.

I’ll prepare for the getaway and buy the necessary stuff that we would need, including anti-allergy medicine because I wouldn’t want her to have an allergy attack while being miles away from the city. I’ll also pack my lomo equipment. I’ll buy a fisheye submarine to accompany us underwater!

I’ll take a day off from the office on December 16 for the Coron getaway. I will fetch her from her place, and we’ll both go to the airport.

The accommodations to Coron include a 3D/2N at the Princess of Coron resort, along with complimentary breakfast every morning, roundtrip transpo for arrival, tours and departure, day tour around the island with a tour guide with picnic lunch, a seafood lunch buffet and a massage all good for both of us.

We’ll enjoy the good food, breathtaking views, the great amenities and just sit down and thank Him that we have each other…

Here’s a recent photo of us:

Credits: feelux

I hope Lomography will let us have this rare and awesome time together. Lomo on!!

written by feelux on 2011-08-21