My Photography Origin

During my highschool days, i’ve been enthusiastic about using our Pentax Point and Shoot Digicam. In fact, I’ve been shooting random photos and some of them turned out real nice. After seeing those photos, I thought to myself that I may have a knack for this, so I figured I’d take more photos whenever we have a family outing.

Then my parents, who were photo enthusiasts as well, bought a DSLR, a Nikon D60. At first, I was amazed and I tried shooting when an opportunity presents itself. I wondered why the clicking/shutter sound was fast/slow at times, but then I ignored that and kept shooting.

During my late college years, I’ve been enthusiastic about taking random photos; I’ve taken a liking to shooting sceneries. But after quite some time, that enthusiasm died down.

It was only during my pre-graduation term in my University was I able to rekindle with my old hobby. I started with figuring out how a camera works, so I researched; I ended up making a matchbox pinhole camera. I tried taking around 5 photos, then I stopped.

After learning how old cameras work, I jumped into learning the settings of the DSLR and turning it to Manual Mode and practiced often with these settings. I’d take several shots first before taking an actual photo just to be sure of the settings. I took me about a few months to get the hang of it.
After that, I have been used to experimenting with the settings to get my desired result.

During my post graduation and pre-employment period, I was on a popular blogging site most of the time. That is where I found out about the Photojojo store; I browsed through it and saw a Fisheye Nikon lens adapter. Upon seeing it, I wanted to buy one; Then, I thought of a time where I walked in a store where I saw cool and bizarre looking cameras, so I ended up researching about it.

It turned out it was Team Manila, a graphic design studio which also distributes products from the Lomographic Embassy Manila, I remember that store because of the expensive (back then, because I was still a student) lomo cameras and the fisheye cameras that they had, which I wanted to buy out of curiousity, when I visited one of their branches.

After much thought and enough researching, I found out that a shop near my office (Bratpack) sells lomo cameras care of the Lomographic Embassy Manila and Team Manila. After a few weeks and a few payrolls (hehe), I’ve decided to buy my first Lomographic Camera, the Fisheye No. 2.

I was so excited that I bought it just before our company outing, just so I could take photos and bring them to a photo lab afterwards. I also figured beforehand that most of the people in the company that I work in would most likely bring DSLRs since having one is the “IN” thing, and I figured, that for a change I would like to bring something different; That was one of the reasons why I bought a lomo camera.

After being trigger happy with my Fisheye No. 2 during the company outing, I brought it to a photo lab. I was really satisfied with the results.

Credits: feelux

These photos made me want to take more photos. Thus starting the wonderful hobby that is Lomography.

P.S. I still have the matchbox pinhole camera that i’ve made. It has around 5 out of 24 exposures in the current roll and I have no idea how the photos will turn out.

written by feelux on 2011-08-19