My 2011 Bacon Shot

Credits: feelux

You MUST be thinking, why “Bacon”?

Well, I don’t know about you but I, for one, love bacon. It smells awesome, tastes great, and looks great.
As we all know, bacon comes from pigs; We have different perspectives and it’s up to us on how we think of pigs. It’s also up to us on how we want to use (our) pigs and usually at first, you wouldn’t know how.

Same thing applies to photos, it’s up to us on how we take them and usually at first glance, you wouldn’t know what to do with your subject. But if you experiment enough, who knows, you might end up with something great! (Like bacon!)

And that’s what I did; I thought of possible ways of taking photos of street lights while inside a car and executed them. Then, tada! I ended up having this, I was really happy when I first saw this, the other results were decent too, so the effort wasn’t for nothing.

I picked this as my 2011 Bacon Shot because i haven’t seen anything similar to this photo here in and I personally think this is awesome. Oh! I picked this also because I always pass by the place that I shot this every time I go home from work.

I used a Fisheye No 2. and a roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 ASA for this shot.
Here are the albums for my street light painting:

written by feelux on 2012-01-01