• Self Doubles

    shared by icuresick on 2012-11-09

    Vigan X Metro Manila

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  • good morning: ehmahh joins knipsomat

    shared by knipsomat on 2012-08-20

    Heeeh ehmahh! ( Good morning: Does this day also come in nice?

  • Flowerium

    shared by hodachrome on 2012-07-30

    Shot aquarium first, at ISO 400. Set the film again and shot sunflowers, at ISO 200. (Homemade ISO800 redscale film).

  • Lomo + Cycle = Fun

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  • double: boyfriend / graffiti

    shared by brommi on 2012-07-04

    Netherlands located at '3' Europa Boulevard, the Dutch pavilion was one of the most popular buildings, winning international acclaim, and was designed by the firm MVRDV. The theme of the 36 m high building (the fair's tallest structure) was "Holland creates Space". Six Holland eco-system landscapes were stacked to showcase how a country can make the most out of a small space. Guests entered on the ground floor and moved through the exhibit space via grand exterior staircases that wrapped around the building. The top level contained a small lake surrounded with windmills that generated power for the building. The interior spaces were designed by MET Studio. The original plan was to dismantle the building and move it back to Amsterdam, but it was determined that it would be much cheaper to just create a new building from scratch. As of 2006 the building sits empty and is partially looted with windows smashed and garbage everywhere.

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    shared by ewen on 2012-06-04

    how not to fall in love with penang island? ;)

  • Chrysalis by Leeroy New

    shared by icuresick on 2012-05-21

    Filipino Artist Leeroy New's giant bamboo installation at Paoay Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte

  • 801215

    shared by marcinzk on 2012-05-13

    DIY_Splizter v2 with LC-Wide more at:

  • Two overlapped films

    shared by gionnired on 2012-05-14

    I tried to scan two overlapped films..

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  • Grocery Store

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  • Botanical Garden

    shared by fayeusokoi on 2012-03-13

    Finish the half roll in the garden

  • Yayoi Kusama X Lomo X gocchin

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    shared by gocchin on 2010-09-05

  • 2º Rolo (Teste)

    shared by lume_luminis on 2012-10-09

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  • My attempts at long exposures

    shared by xephryrus on 2012-09-29

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    shared by fayeusokoi on 2012-09-11

    Just to finish the rest of the roll. Double of my portrait with some of the selected movie scenes that i love.

  • Broga Trip

    shared by xephryrus on 2012-04-10

    A trip to Broga Hill with my friends.

  • One tuesday

    shared by walasiteodito on 2012-09-18

    A holiday-tuesday-afternoon walk with pete and ria. We walked from the riverbank to the nearby cemetery, to Ateneo then to Katipunan. It was a tiring but fun day!

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    shared by atria007 on 2012-09-24

    hey dear thank u so much for ure special visit!!!! i never forget!!!! i miss u!!!! check ure lomohomes please =) (my crazy friend yeahhh) (he is to niceeee =D) (belliiiiiiiiiiisiiiima toooo sweet) (crazy...only crazy guy hahahah)

  • DIY Revolog Film

    shared by walasiteodito on 2012-07-11

    I saw renenob's article about making a DIY Revolog Kolor film by pre exposing the film. I decided to try it myself and the results are amazing.

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    shared by grazie on 2012-09-25

    First week of autumn but my heart yearns for summer all the time....I have to move on...;) Random summer photos of the garden, a surprise cloudy summer day, Ava in ballet and a night at the Disney concert hall.

  • Panorama a SanGi...

    shared by artichekt on 2012-01-17

    ...during a short holiday trip to Italy...

  • Pisa

    shared by artichekt on 2012-04-06

    I found my Horizon still loaded with some shots from January, so these make part of the category "leftovers" I suppose. The photos look exactly like Velvia - I had to check it three times: it's definitly an x-pro! :-)

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    shared by grazie on 2012-09-25

    First week of autumn but my heart yearns for summer all the time....I have to move on...;) Random summer photos of the garden, a surprise cloudy summer day, Ava in ballet and a night at the Disney concert hall.

  • Libros...

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    In goes hehe..... with @atria007, @littlekoala, @warning, @makny

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  • Beautiful Sunset

    shared by peropero on 2012-01-23

    I personally prefer the Atlantic Ocean hehehe but this beach is beautiful as well. Good place for surfers. Kodak EliteChrome EL 400 is PERFECT for sunsets.

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    shared by kylethefrench on 2012-08-26

    roaming roaming roaming

  • Sundowner

    shared by artichekt on 2012-07-03

    A nice drink with friends on the terrace of the "Tonhalle" in Düsseldorf

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    a wedding and stuff

  • Tungsten in Rome!

    shared by biondapiccola on 2011-11-14

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    shared by jawatembak on 2012-09-25

    I got my t90 back on after read how to fix it on internet. believe it or not just whack the bottom several times on b mode while pressing shuter button and it alive again :) got to anxious to try the multiple exposure mode that i didn't care about the exposure and the composition.

  • These are my first attempts with this "new"…

    shared by kleeblatt on 2012-09-18

  • Saint-Petersburg&Ivanovo

    shared by gotoarizona on 2012-09-18

    This roll from my good friend from Spb.. He gave me it in winter yet:D But i made it only in july.. He shot colorful bokeh. I made redscale and shot my layer on the street.

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    shared by kylethefrench on 2012-09-16

    sliding into deep summer

  • Tierpark Berlin

    shared by ck_berlin on 2012-09-19

    Home developed and expired x-pro film.

  • Fuji Provia, Second Try

    shared by walasiteodito on 2012-09-19

    I like this better, than my first Provia roll. I loved it when there's a bit of red in the photo, it just stands out. Looking forward on shooting more of this film :)

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    shared by rar01 on 2012-04-11

    I started this roll in autmn, skipped the winter and finished it in spring :)