1. yarn
    yarn ·

    hey i'm thinking about buying a photon 120 for myself, i was just wondering why there appear to be lighter stripes on the sides of the photos? is it because each photo slightly overlaps those to either side of it?

  2. fatih
    fatih ·

    well, i'm not actually sure but these were meant to be squares as it was a roll film. the woman at the shop i got these pics developed and scanned had no idea about these kind of cameras and films so it ended up like this, i guess. it was also my first try with this kind of camera so i might have got those overlapped. :) anyways, it is a cheap camera and i think you should give it a try. i really had fun with it and the results seem not that bad for the first try, imho. :)

  3. yarn
    yarn ·

    I just got one! I'll let you know when I've uploaded my first roll with it :)

  4. fatih
    fatih ·

    cool. i'm waiting for it. :)

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