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  • Fun Flare

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    *** I did something a little different on this roll. Usually I leave a roll in the Diana for a week or two and try to mix it up on what and where I shoot it. But on this day I had just got a mega shipment of film so I wanted to just shoot a roll all in one place. So after work me and my girl went to this house down the road and I shot a whole roll out there in about 15 minutes. It was pretty fun! Not my best photos... but thats not what I was going for :-)

  • Olympus XA: The Perfect Camera to Capture People on the Street

    written by brandkow93 on 2012-04-06 #gear
    Olympus XA: The Perfect Camera to Capture People on the Street

    A legendary camera designed by the legendary Yoshihisa Maitani, A pocketable rangefinder, that can easily rival most slrs. The fantastic 35mm 2.8 is one of the sharpest lenses i have used and has some of the best colour rendition i have seen in any camera both film and digital i have ever used.

  • neon light

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    neon light

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  • Wonderful Surprise from Eximus UWS

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    Wonderful Surprise from Eximus UWS

    Eximus Wide and Slim - Another "clone" version of Vivitar UWS. Basically, it is the same camera with Vivitar UWS with black rubberized finishing casing. The new color combination, finishing and packaging of Eximus UWS had attracted me and it just looks smart and steady to me. Eximus UWS is a point and shoot 35mm camera with fixed f/11 aperture, 22mm wide angle fixed plastic lens and 1/125s fixed shutter speed.

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  • Photo for Nephew

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    I posted this on my nephew's Facebook page as a gift. He loved it. Reuben, a brown rabbit we used to own.

  • Square Roots: Why I Love Shooting in Square Format

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    Square Roots: Why I Love Shooting in Square Format

    The 35mm rectangle reigned supreme throughout my youth - it's all I knew. What better way to rebel than by adopting the square! Here are my five top tips for shooting in square format.

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  • Sternstunden

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    Exposition in the famous Gasometer

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  • Nature

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    First color infrared film with an orange filter

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  • Iskra, Damaged Film, Surviving Photos

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    Backing paper wrinkled and caught film!

  • The hill of the sun

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    1000 lomographers cannot be wrong, this is my Top! :)

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  • Mongolia

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    "The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time." - Henry David Thoreau. What would I miss most about water? Everything it touches.

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  • Coco DNI

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  • Bondi Beach

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  • The revolution will not be televised

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    a tribute to the great Scott-Heron?

  • Requested Posts for April 2012

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    Requested Posts for April 2012

    Lomography Magazine offers you the perfect platform to an international audience! Have something to say? Submit to the Lomography Magazine for a chance to be heard. Whether you are a seasoned writer, or a motivated beginner, we want to hear from you. Read below for what type of articles we are looking for. Remember, writing for the Lomography Magazine earns you Piggies!

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  • Brighton

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  • Primer escaneo casero

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    Este es el primer escaneo casero con mi nueva adquisición, Epson V500. La mayoria de las fotos estan escaneadas con el programa que viene con el escaner y dando a autoexposición (mas o menos). Exceptunado las fotos oscuras o con poca luz que se han escaneado como diapositivas y se han aplicado curvas de negativo de color y niveles en Photoshop... :S

  • Hiking with my Mom !!

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  • Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

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    Some more shots from the 2011 Calgary Stampede with my Sprocket Rocket.

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  • Red to burn

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  • Story Book

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    Some snap shots from a book I am making for my niece.

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    Saw this baby dog in XiaoZhou village, GuangZgou. I guess He likes me and runs toward me... <:))

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  • ...chasing the sun in my hometown...

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    Frank O. - love him or hate him!

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    These are from an old roll of Fujichrome Velvia which was loaded into Canon Sureshot years ago. A holiday trip brought out the camera last year and the film went in with a number of rolls of C-41. No one (not myself or at the lab) noticed and it got mistakenly cross processed. The resulting shots are wonderfully garrish.

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