A Big Grey Strip


My family trip was fantastic. Everyone had a blast at the waterpark, meals were awesome but by “Storytime” rolled around I’d had just about enough of other people’s kids so I went for a walk along the Niagara River with my Belair and harmonica to unwind. I used up the last few shots of colour negative film and then loaded on the GP3. It was a great walk and I saw cool things. I had never tried long exposures with this film so I guessed in B mode. Advancing the film was tough in the dark so I missed the entire last frame of film. Reloaded it and guessed for 1 frame. Then into cab back to the hotel. Last night I developed the roll and unspool onto my hanger. A big disappointment. Dots, and streaks. Shanghai GP3… You’re no Earl Grey.

written by fartstorm on 2013-02-12

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    It is tricky to deal with in my experience too.