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My high school friend said to me that he doesn’t think his kids get old school photography. This thought was for me confirmed a few hours later when I found his 10 year old son playing with my Spinner 360. I asked him if he realized that each time he pulled the cord it used film. His face dropped. Nope. He hadn’t realized.
I get the camera back and it’s out of film. On top of it all, the aperture was set to R.
Lenscap was on, so to speak.
I think it’s a good start to his analogue education and will mail him the blank frames 22-E and hope that he learns not to mess around with things that he doesn’t understand.
I wish I hadn’t flipped that switch though. Would have been some funny shots.

written by fartstorm on 2012-07-31


  1. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    if the lenscap was on, you could have reloaded the film :)

  2. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    @schemerel I had thought of that but for how many exposures? I was trying to remember how many I had taken, and with the spinner it's a best guess how long each exposure is. I didn't want to risk the double exposures so I opted for the blank frames. Thanks for your comment!