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Ok so I know everyone always has some positive things to say about everything around here…but there’s a few things I’ve noticed that have really annoyed me. I figured my blog would be the best place to address these concerns. Here goes:

1. If you’re going to do a film review…PLEASE DON’T JUST CROSS PROCESS IT!
Seriously, nearly all film looks the same when it’s cross processed. That is to say…most of the time, it looks like crap. So please show some negatives in their original format so you can actually compare/review the film. Then if you wanna add cross processing as part of that…cool whatever. But just showing it cross processed is really lame.

2. If you’re got a tip, provide some actual instructions. Seriously I dunno what’s going on here lately but some of the “tipsters” don’t have any actual tips in them. It’s just like…“look what I made yo, you can do it, not gunna tell you how, but just look at it”

3. Don’t be afraid to say negative things in Reviews. I feel like everyone is candy coating all their reviews. I mean if you want to learn you should say positive and negative things. Nothing is perfect.

4. Ferris Wheels – Can someone please stop taking pictures of them. I swear to god half the images in the stream are of ferris wheels. (This does not apply to the latest entry, he actually took a cool picture of one) Anywho, yeah.

Hopefully people don’t think I’m a douche but I really just wanted to get those little things off my chest. Anywho, happy shooting!

written by falsedigital on 2010-12-15


  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    good idea!!! you can start with an amazing slide film review, not crossed and crossed! ;).

  2. sergio_m
    sergio_m ·

    Wow, you speaking my mind
    1) to much everything is sugar coated on lomography
    2) most of the tipsters are pointless or to obvious stuff
    3) crossprocessed or expired film that got developed in drugmart shouldnt be reviewed, all those factors are bringing down the quality of the film

  3. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    @sergio_m - Thanks man, glad I'm not alone in this.

    @susielomovitz - I don't shoot slide film much anymore, it's expensive to process and not worth the trouble. Plus they stopped Kodachrome so I'll stick with C-41 and Black and White film for the most part. :]

  4. angelc5
    angelc5 ·

    same here, I'm new to all this, so I'm starting from scratch - as in using 35mm negs, learning how the camera works, what it prefers and when etc and then going to camera shop to process the negs - so no fancy stuff for me! And as for tips, I haven't actually read anything yet that makes me go 'wwww I'll try that!'.

  5. msilvinha
    msilvinha ·

    yes. Reality please.

  6. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Go screw yourself with the crossprocessing tip. E-6 processing is way too damn expensive! And I think the exact opposite with your opinion in the colors. I've worked in a lab scanning negatives for a year and a half now and I've never been able to tell the difference between sensia100 and provia100 when it's processed normally. Cross processed it's like looking at a color roll and a black and white roll. I can pick it out like that.

    I agree with the "Negative review" thing, but when I review things I usually don't review things that I'm half way on. So like if I really like the film/camera/accessory I'll point it out but I won't review a film just saying "HEY THIS IS A TERRIBLE FILM DON'T BUY IT".

    And Ferris Wheels are few and far between where I live so I'ma take pictures of em.

  7. bass_clarinet_2000
    bass_clarinet_2000 ·

    What the awesome thing about this entry is that it made me look what my local lab exactly did. I would like to do a review or so in the future, but now this made me a little bit more cautious. Of course, I'm not meaning this in a negative manner. I'm new to photography and even newer to lomography. This blog just reinforced the idea that I really need to know more a lot more and research more of what I do.