1. inkybrown
    inkybrown ·

    Hi, are these light leaks common on your Oktomat photos? I just got one and I want to make sure mine is working properly (I have a lot of strange light leaks). Thanks!

  2. ezgeey
    ezgeey ·

    Hi! this photo is from my first roll with Oktomat, i realized the leaks in mine, too. Almost half of the photos have light leaks and mostly on first and the last frames(of 8 frames). Next roll, I will try putting some scotch tape on some certain areas of the camera. Maybe it helps. I think yours is working properly because I saw those light leaks in almost every oktomat albums. Nevertheless, I won't bother if the leaks remain because sometimes i like the strange light leaks:) Also it can be related with the action of the camera. I hope i could be helpful:)

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