• Wow - a Pinhole Hasselblad!

    written by eyecon on 2011-04-06
    Wow - a Pinhole Hasselblad!

    Set designer Kelly Angood created a full functional Hasselblad - made from cardboard!!!

  • Picture Man - A portrait about Bruce Davidson

    written by eyecon on 2011-03-24
    Picture Man - A portrait about Bruce Davidson

    Bruce Davidson - Magnum photographer and "outsider". Watch a 30 minutes feature portrait about his work and his photographic experiences.

  • Photography

    written by eyecon on 2011-02-11

    Well here´s my so called Love Poem!

  • The dying art of the photographic darkroom

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-21

    The dying art of the photographic darkroom - videoMysterious, even magical – there are few spaces quite like the photographer's darkroom, not least because, with the march of digital technology, it is rapidly becoming part of photographic history.

  • Please Officer, can you X-Ray my film again.....

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-11

    I found some interesting information about X-Ray film at the airport. Seems like it can have some interesting effects.

  • The Art of Photography

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-10

    A fantastic podcast in which the founder Ted Forbes takes a close look at the various aspects of creating great photographs.

  • Japan Camera Mag

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-08

    John Sypal, founder of the legendary tokiocamerastyle blog, is running another blog called Japan Camera Mag from now on.

  • Please LSI send Darwin Deez a Spinner 360°

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-05

    Today I saw this fantastic Music Video from an artist called Darwin Deez! You need to check this out!

  • For all you monochrom lovers out there!

    written by eyecon on 2011-01-03

    First blog entry of the year and already such a nice one for all Black & White film addictos!

  • Somewhere

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-28

    Today, Im not writing about what I found in the net - I´m writing what I saw on the screen!

  • Christmas is all around!

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-21

    For those who even can´t disclaim vintage cameras on christmas eve, I got the right shopping tip!

  • Vivian Meyer - Her discovered work

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-21

    Did you ever heard about streetphotographer Vivian Meyer?

  • Relubing the Industar Lenses

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-17

    If you own one of the very common and very excellent Russian lenses Industar-26 and Industar-61 (found on the long-lived FED 2 and later FED cameras) they are frequently found gummed-up with grease that has thickened to a sticky wax consistency. Here´s a way to fix it....

  • Tons of info!

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-16

    What does Karen Nakamura, an assistant professor from the famous Yale university and you as the average lomographer have in common?

  • A collection of nice Polaroid shots

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-15

    On my endless quest through the net I found another nice blog feat some great Polaroid Photography mostly taken with a EE100 with packfilm.

  • Wow - a flash diffuser with hundreds of color gels nearly for free?

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-14

    Sounds like every lomographers dream? Read more here.....

  • How I met Lomography

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-07

    Here´s a small resume how I got in touch with Lomography

  • Can I take a picture of you?

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-07

    We all know the situation! You are on a trip, see a nice looking stranger on the street and want to take a picture but don´t know how to asked in his / her language. Here is some help for your next Eurotrip:

  • Add Functionality and Reload Your

    written by eyecon on 2010-12-03

    Add a little flavor to your disposable cam with this link.

  • Stolen Moments

    written by eyecon on 2010-11-26

    If you have nothing to do in the next 5 minutes, then maybe you might want to watch this short video feat. Matt Stuart. Matt is one of the artists featured in the book Streetphotography Now.