1. brassring
    brassring ·

    You absolutely cannot keep how you do that to yourself. :-)) These first photos are marvelous and I would like to try it with my Spinner.

  2. exit14
    exit14 ·

    Hi @Brassring Here is a quick rundown of how to turn your photo into a planet. I use Photoshop to do this.
    Start by cropping out the sprocket holes and any duplicate area from your 360 photo.
    Make a duplicate layer = click "Layer" button & then choose "Duplicate Layer"
    Go to "Image"> "Canvas Size" & fill in Height with same amount as the width.
    Under the "Edit" tab > "Free Transform" & then grab image and fill the canvas area.
    Rotate the layer by selecting "Edit" > "Transform" > "Flip Vertical".
    Under "Filter" > "Distort" > "Polar Coordinates" select "Rectangle to Polar"

    I hope this helps make your planetary dreams a reality. ;o)
    Good Luck!

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