Did your phone interfere your life?


Some using ‘smart-phone’ and some might own more than just one ‘smart-phone’. Needless to say, it is part of our life. It’s our phone, our alarm, our mini computer, we contact with the world by using this small incredible smart phone.

Does anyone ever think of, how much it interfere with your life?

I just got myself an new iPhone last month. I’ve been using my own first generation iPhone for the past few years. So I wonder will this new smart-phone interfere my life as well?

Free phone calls, free instant massaging, free games, free effects for your pictures. These apps making your life extra incredible. They making an ordinary pictures became a piece of art in just apply a simple filter. They makes a long-distance relationship seems closer.

I love looking around, noticing different things around me every time when I went out. There is one time when I dine in some restaurant, there’s this beautiful couple, holding hand walking in together, looking for a table. Sit down, browse thru the menu, order their meal, and then…they start taking out their ‘smart-phones’. They did not talk to each other much, both not connecting, not communicating with each other, and they have their phone on their hand, play with it, surf net, log in Facebook, updating status, checking in Foursquare, until the meal reach, and they start eating. I notice that they did not talk much to each other during the whole meal. After the meal, they take out their ‘smart-phones’ again, and continue their ‘business’ until they left the restaurant. I’m there watching from afar, and I wish I will not be just like them. No phone on hand every time I dine out with family or friends. I will check mail right when I’m home. I will reply sms or whatsapp when I’m free. I will only upload the pictures I took before the meal, right after I’m home, or when I’m free to do so. So as I thought, this smart phone doesn’t really will interfere my life. But in fact, they did.

Yesterday, I told my boyfriend that I feels lonely. And he asked me back, “Will you still feel lonely even after you got the new phone?”. “Yes”. I did still feels so.
We are actually exchanging messages almost every hour. Updating what are we doing and so, but still, I feels lonely.

I realize is not how often we contact with each other thru this technology medium, but it’s about the presence and feel. I don’t believe love exist thru words. There’s this Ronan Keating’s song ‘When you say nothing at all’ , sang real good, brings out the message. It’s important to feel in love, even when you say nothing at all. The touch, the presences is way much more effective telling someone that you loves him/her than a super sweet love poem or a creative love letter, or an essay long SMS.

Credits: eva_eva

I hate how technology had interfere my life.

written by eva_eva on 2011-04-29


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    probably in future,all of the people might turn up to be like what you had mentioned. Since the technology is getting advance, it's just only a matter of time.

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    I've been thinking about this thing too. It's annoying when I'm with someone and all he/she does is chatting on bbm and ignore all the things around him/her.