• LomoPeople: Diana

    written by eskimofriend on 2011-01-27
    LomoPeople: Diana

    She was one of the reasons I bought my first Lomo camera. Now I can have a Diana close even when I'm not around my amazing inspiring non plastic SuperDiana!!

  • I Am Photokina

    written by eskimofriend on 2010-10-16 #places
    I Am Photokina

    A day at the world's biggest trade fair for photography and imaging industries. This year in 2010 over 1200 photographic and imaging suppliers used the space in cologne which offered about 200.000 squaremeters to introduce new and present amazing products, both for professional and consumer imaging... One of them was the Lomographic Society International!

  • Stuttgart Main Station

    written by eskimofriend on 2010-08-06 #places
    Stuttgart Main Station

    Stuttgart Main Station is an impressive intersection in "Swabia", southwest Germany with a high Lomo potential! Hundreds and hundreds of commuters and pedestrians run through Main Station every day, and this definitely sparks our appetite for photo opportunities!