beach fail

so i went to the beach in montpellier in wintertime to take a picture of me and the sea, cause i adore the sea, oh i so do.
i went to a photolab, got the film developed and it turned out that the whole 35mm film was kind of ruined- all photos, without any exception, consisted of bright green-and-yellow-only colours... there were basicaly no other colours on the photos, and they were all way too bright.

it took me a couple of weeks to get over the frustration of taking analogue pictures only and then having lots of ruined pictures.. the ruined film (and there was another one who was ruined the same way) was the only witness of my brilliant time in france (and also in london) and now i didn't have any proof of these times anymore. apart from my memories.

firstly, i thought that the ruined films are due to the fact that i went through airport checks with them three times and got them handluggage-x-ray-scanned, but then i read blogs and airport safety advice online and learnt that no film under iso 800 can be damaged from airport scanning, at least not if it's x-rayed less than 8 times.

i now think that the photolab must have made a mistake, cause the following week, i came back to them with another film which i wanted to have developed and they were like 'sorry, we can't develop your film right now, our machine is out of order'.

if anybody has another explanation for the ruined film, please let me know. :)

beach fail sun
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