Pimp your Lomo'Instant Wide!

‘If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk.’ – I’ve read somewhere this nice sentence and after more then a year of thinking, this sentence encouraged me to take some actions and so here it goes – I’ve bought Lomo’Instant Wide. When this white beauty arrived, I knew that this was like a perfect cloth to make some art on it. With collaboration with talented tattoo artist Ioana (take a look at her works on Instagram @inkoerent), we started to generate ideas what could be done on my camera. I love ivies, it’s my favourite thing to photograph in autumn time, and to have a bird motive could be also nice... what kind of bird... before giving camera to be painted by Ioana, I saw a crane gracefully picking food in the river and I was so pleasantly surprised, because I’ve never seen a crane in this area. So let’s draw a crane! And on the day when my white beauty came back to me with nicely designed new outfit, I saw a crane again! Everything is so magically related in this world! ✨

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