The Instax Affectation

Credits: emperornorton

If you have followed me for a time, you have noticed that as a principle I include the full image and frame when I post one of my Instax — or Kodak Champ — pictures. My reason for this is simple: I see the Instax window as a full and complete art object. It isn’t an instant photo unless I include the paper frame together with whatever I have written on the bottom.

When I see people put up Instax pictures without the frame, my paranoia goes into overdrive: Is that a real Instax picture? Have they cropped from another analog camera or worse, a digital one? The worries seldom keep me up in the night as long as I am taking my medication, but they drive the presentation of my own Instax work.

I invite my readers to submit their own favorite Instax or Polaroid photos as comments. They can be either by you or another person.

(I will display new Instax photos soon.)

written by emperornorton on 2013-05-28

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  1. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    well, you already took a look at my recent polaroid album, frames and all. thanks!