Credits: emperornorton

This is not my best picture from Capitol Reef. I am much more partial to the next one, but it’s not an awful picture. Why they did not choose my personal favorite from the bunch is anybody’s guess. At the root of all selections is taste and the taste of the person who passed over a real gem for the selected one is obviously a little different than my own.

Credits: emperornorton

Everything’s OK here, but what the hell was in the mind of the person at flickr who chose
a butt shot of a zebra to feature in their coveted “Explore” section? It is not a good shot. It represents little more than an experiment. The result is fair but not great. I have taken far superior pictures of zebras. Yet in the minds of those who browse the Explore section of flickr, I am to be known for it.

(If you want to look at the flickr picture, click on the link, cut out the lomography.com crap, and then press enter/return. Then curse the programmers at lomography.com for making it impossible to link to flickr even in a text reference. flickr has no fear of doing the same for lomography.com.)


written by emperornorton on 2012-05-11

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    buahaha :) anyway great pics!