Black and White Does Appeal

Credits: emperornorton

I have always preferred black and white to color. It is, for one thing, a lot harder to create a cohesive image with color because in many pictures, the different colors ran interference against each other or they were “dull” colors such as blue or brown. Our monkey brains love fruity colors. If you concentrated on these, you needed to simplify. And that made for yawns.

Black and white on the other hand, gives you the chance to concentrate on form and detail. I remember people telling me how dull black and white was because — well — because it was black and white. “Give us color!”

So I presumed the world believed as these vocal proponents of color at any cost did. I am happy to say that a sizeable number sees the merit in black and white.

Thank you for your faith in my greyscale efforts.

written by emperornorton on 2012-03-30


  1. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    I fully agree! :)

  2. yarglags
    yarglags ·

    I agree but I sometimes find myself wishing I had a colour film in my camera in certain situations.