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  • A Film Nightmare

    written by emmaalouise on 2014-03-09 #videos
    A Film Nightmare

    "Haunted by the present, she looks to the past" tells the story of a woman reflecting her life through memory in an audio-visual soundscape. Traveling into the past in a sometimes nightmarish state of mind, the narrative blurs and distorts into a new reality - revealing a somewhat colorful, burning new picture of truth.

  • Girls on Film

    written by emmaalouise on 2012-01-05
    Girls on Film

    The Midnight Pen-pal is the title of film-maker Emmaalouise Smith's anticipated short film due to be screened as part of 2012's London Short Film Festival. The film, shot on a mix-medium palette includes moving image film, and photographic stills amongst an all-analogue production which tells the story of a girl and her best friend; her typewriter.

  • Something to Keep: Analogue Ideas for a Nostalgic Future

    written by emmaalouise on 2011-09-02
    Something to Keep: Analogue Ideas for a Nostalgic Future

    The only thing worrying me 36 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy is the thought of going through with it all and having no evidence; whether it be paper, print or image, to then be able to hold as a token of my time preparing for a time that is likely to only happen once or twice in my lifetime.