Studying Event and Festival Management at Bucks New Uni, High Wycombe UK

Always had an interest in photography but never the skills or knowledge to be any good at it really. Then I decided to just start having a go!

I have a Fujica ST605, Chinon Ce-4, Lomo Smena Symbol, Konica Big Mini and Agfamatic 2000 Pocket., I do prefer to shoot in film, but being a student it's not really a possibility all of the time!

However making friends with the guys in the local Jessops has its reduced price perks....

I really like pictures which show some kind of emotion, and especially moving images, and out of focus. Especially skate photography, which I hope to get up on here soon......

I also have a thing for moody pictures, very dark silhouettes contrasting against sunset/clouds. That gives a fairly accurate description of what I like...

I also have a Canon EOS 1000D which comes everywhere with me for backup but I just find digital photography a bit soul-less. And it totally lacks the excitement of film.

I do not photoshop.
Because it's cheating.x


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