How I surprisingly got hooked by Lomography

I’ve always liked photography… When I was young it was tradition at home to snap all moments of life, from birthday parties to picnis and other holiday trips, my parents never missed such moments. When I grow bigger enough to go by myself I always bought disposable cams, because I got a strong tendency to loose everything I got haha… Couldn’t allow myself to buy an expensive cam, I’d definitely loose it :P
Credits: elvismartinezsmith

But in the mid 90s my father brought back from his work one of these new digital cameras… I had heard of it but never thought I’d get one in my hands so soon. I think I remember it was a Sony with 300.000 pixels haha, technology went so fast since then…

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

But I got hooked by all the possibilities it offered, and the capacity to learn at no price, try and try again all possibilities and settings… Well you all know about digital photography, it has its assets!

So I became a digital photography freak, only swore by this… At the time I had a friend who swore she’d never go digital, and I spent some time with her doing B&W prints in her tiny home lab, with an oldschool broken enlarger she got from I don’t know where. We spent hours in there, I mean, it was fun, but I thought “that’s not for me, I love technology too much” this seemed prehistoric to me haha!

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

And on one day… A fellow musician of mine told me he was just like me until he discovered this weird brand called Lomography, and that since then he had turned back to analog… I couldn’t believe it… Well someone that digs digital coming back to analog photography??? Naaaah not possible… But when he showed me the pictures he took with this little thing he called Lomo LCA… Wooooooow! What the hell is this effect, which software he used, I couldn’t believe my eyes… I took the little information he could give me on the brand and went digging online…

Three weeks after I had bought my first LCA from Ebay, not the best option, I know, but it went right for me, and I’m still using it until I can buy a LCA+… Very soon hopefully, if there isn’t a new product released untill then, which I couldn’t resist to buy, as always haha!

It was something like 5 or 6 years ago, and since then I have progressively abandonned digital photography too, just like I swore I never would! But today I don’t see any reason why I’d come back again to digital, there’s no point in this! At all!!!
I am now the happy owner of a dozen of these treasure toys, among which the Spinner 360 which made me a kid again for 3 months now…

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

I also have a newly bought Horizon Perfekt, not a toy at all there, getting serious with it haha… By the way, I’ll upload my very first test film tonight or tomorrow!
And I also own other buddies such as the Smena 8M which I really like, a Diana Mini, a Holga, a Holga Wide Pinhole, a Supersampler, a Smena Symbol, a Smena 6, etc… and bunch of rarities such as the Agat 18 or the Olympus XA4, my boy jewels :). I love to experiment many things with all these:

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

Finally this community is so friendly, warm and creative, that you find reasons every day to get modern throughout Lomography, and YES, the future is definitely analogue for me! I even sent an application and had an interview to become the online manager for the French website… Wish me good luck hehe, but I know I’ll stay a Lomo junkie whatever happens!

Cheers mates! Hope you enjoyed this Lomo story and that it remembered souvenirs to some of you here ;)

written by elvismartinezsmith on 2010-12-01


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    thank you everybody for the kind words :)

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