From old analog ads to gig posters


I’m not good at drawing, at all… So when it came to doing posters and flyers to announce gigs with my band I decided that the best solution was to hijack existing stuffs, mostly vintage advertising and propaganda elements from the 1910’s to 1970’s, and mix them in a new form so that it fits a concert announcement, and ideally the ‘philosophy’ of the band.

In this period all ads and visual elements were done in a very analog way, meaning these were only paintings, or patchworks. Each one resulting in a unique piece of art, whatever it promoted…

Unfortunately – from what I know – it’s not possible to import external images here, so you’ll have to copy-paste the link below to see my creations, but it would be nice to have your Lomographer’s and analog lover point of view on these :)

Here they are:
(or click on the link in the first comment below)

Hope you’ll like them and let me know (and especially if you don’t, so that I can ge better at it!)

written by elvismartinezsmith on 2010-11-11


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  2. wildirismeadow
    wildirismeadow ·

    those are way cool. I especially like the first one in the series with all the colors, the nu generation with the ape in the suit and the black and white series with the animals.