What went wrong !!!

Something went wrong , thaught that the colours would be more purpleish :-(


  1. bellatrice
    bellatrice ·

    I have no idea of what went wrong but I really like the yellow, orange and green of this album ! For me it's a very good surprise you had with this album !

  2. elvis
    elvis ·

    Maybe it is afterwards but my first impression was a littlebit of the hook , maybe that is what lomography is about ? :-)

  3. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    well my first impression was that you might be wrong with the film as it looks pretty much as it is a redscale film. is FUJI RA the real name of the film. a quick search said RA seems to be a sensia. well, i have no clue. can´t think of a sensia being long expired and badly stored delivers such results. my guess would be you´re wrong with the film ;o) every shot looks like a typical redscale.

  4. elvis
    elvis ·

    @bloomchen : You could be right, after a quick look up of the film i saw that it was indeed not an RA film , i guess i mixed them up .
    thx for your advice ! problem solved :-)

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