Adventure seeker and vanlifer.

The Lomo Fisheye has been my travel light camera for the last 15 years and the Lomo Color Negative 800 35mm film is my favourite. From backpacking south-east Asia to uncountable concerts around Europe.

When I can travel heavy I take my Yashika Electro35, my father’s camera and the first camera I’ve shoot. Such an emotional connection with this camera. I use a variety of film on it.

Lately I got an Olympus Mju II Zoom 80 and love the results with the Lomo Metropolis 100-400 film. Such a lovely palate of colours. My Lomo page is mostly about it: www.lomography.com/homes/elsafraga/albums

I also shoot digitals here in IG: www.instagram.com/lachori/
Mainly outdoors and travel life in my website: www.elsafraga.com/
Around the World in Analog: www.lomography.com/magazine/348026-around-the-world-in-anal…

Hey fellow lomographers, please fill out your metadata, I'd LOVE to see the camera and film you're using. High vibes.

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