• Are You Searching For Super Spray? Don’t Be Fooled This April 1st!

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    Are You Searching For Super Spray? Don’t Be Fooled This April 1st!

    Oh no, we are terribly sorry! Alas, our amazing Lomography Super Photo Spray is only a pipe-dream invented by us cheeky chaps for April Fool’s Day! Whilst this Super Spray would be pretty awesome (if the photos didn’t take quite so long to develop!), there are still all kinds of ways you can enjoy analogue photography this very minute...

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  • Mimicking the Masters: Henri Cartier-Bresson

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    Mimicking the Masters: Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Henri Cartier-Bresson was a French photographer who is well-known as the ‘father of modern photojournalism’. He was also one of the pioneer photographers who developed street photography. Learn more techniques from this master photographer.

  • Remembering Eve Arnold

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    Remembering Eve Arnold

    The celebrated Eve Arnold, photographer of both the stars, and the common-man, passed away last week. She was close to 100, and her long career spanned half her life. The first woman to join Magnum, Arnold accomplished many feats during her career, which we can only attempt to highlight in this article.

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  • Una chiaccherata con Delfino

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    Una chiaccherata con Delfino

    Eccoci ancora qui, questa volta in compagnia di Delfino, un giovane fotografo nato e cresciuto a Milano che vive la sua quotidianità circondato tra architettura e fotografia. Di notevole pacatezza, assopora il gusto degli scatti delle sue macchine fotografiche in maniere del tutto singolare, in fondo lui afferma:"Ognuna di esse ha un sapore diverso e riesce a restituire il reale secondo una propria poetica". E cosa c'è di più poetico, vero e reale di una spesa al mercato di quartiere, dove mille gusti, colori e culture si fondono insieme?

  • A Stonehenge con Pretty in Mad

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    A Stonehenge con Pretty in Mad

    Visitare Stonehenge: un sogno che si realizza.

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  • hands

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    First attempt at some double exposures on my Mamiya TLR. Shot with a tripod and cable release on Fuji Velvia 50 iso, with the camera set to 25. Most of the images were overexposed, so I threw away the color channels and scanned the infrared channel instead. Keeping the images black and white was the only way to retain an acceptable level of detail. Fingers crossed for better results next time.

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    More from the Harvard campus. We always hear about Harvard and it was good to finally be able to see it for myself. The many churches serve as a vivid reminder of it's roots as a religious institution. I really enjoyed the beautiful stonework of the buildings and the great light we had that day.

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  • Rocky hand

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    First cross processed roll!

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  • Green sand

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    Hanging out at Cockroach Cove:

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    Before getting into photography i thought Powerlines were ugly. Now I think they're great and photograph them often.

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  • Doubles Rumble

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    Doubles Rumble

    Qual'è la tua foto "doppia" preferito di sempre? Lo avete fatto da soli o hai collaborato con un partner? Mostracela e vincerai dei Piggies!

  • Balloon Race II

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    Underexposed multi layered photo. I can imagine there is a true sense of wonder and isolation soaring above the clouds in a baloon looking down on Earth. There are a lot of reasons this lomograph is one of my favorites. It is my most popular lomograph. It is a double exposure and I love doubles. I also love hot air balloons and hope to one day ride in one.