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I love photography and have a pretty good camera collection including a Diana F+ and Mini, a 1950 SEM; all the instructions on the back all in French (apparently I need to set it to 200 at f-stop 8 if taking photos of a deer through a window between 9am-3pm in May or August...I'm not fluent in French...) I'm currently in a complicated relationship with a Zenit 11 that's chewed up every film I ever put in it but I think we've turned a corner and I'm hopeful for a positive outcome with the next film.

Other interests include art, being an artist, photographing anything, travelling (especially Germany and the Canaries), movies about computer programming from the 80s (Tron, WarGames etc), John Carpenter (80s movies e.g. The Fog, Big Trouble...etc) rock, electro, MSTSK, retro gaming and a cartoons. So...geek culture I guess.


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