I'm just a lone sardine who departed from his shoal after the atrocities that occurred during our last run. The human folks call it "The Great Sardine" run. But what's so great about sharks and dolphins eating my family and friends?

Witnessing the demise of my fellow sardines during the last run, I realised there is no safety in numbers! The larger the shoal, the larger the number of predators. Discussing this revelation with fellow survivors, we concluded that it may be best going "lone wolf". However, without friends and family to immediately share memories with, I needed a way of capturing memories - Hello Lomography and it's golden rules!

Armed with my La Sardina, Fish-Eye lens, and Action Sampler I'm going to introduce the world to the life of a lone sardine to raise awareness that my kind have personalities too - we swim, we eat, we laugh, we drink!

We try to live a peaceful life and explore the oceans yet every year we are hunted by our larger cousins - the sharks and those pesky mammals with their big grins - the dolphins. Follow my adventure as I travel throughout the UK and prove to you, I'm more than just food.


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