The Rebirth of a Lomographer

So this past year, I finally decided to take advantage of Lomography and get back into film photography. I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was about twelve and since then I’ve been an avid collector of vintage cameras. I have about ten vintage cameras, some functioning, hanging on my wall right now.

Credits: edenhovenga

I started taking advantage of my cameras again this past summer, and it had been four years since I had taken any analog photos. In 2011 I sold my Diana F+ and a good batch of film to help pay my rent. I wasn’t too upset about it. It had been a couple years since I had used my Diana and the last couple rolls I did get developed were frustrating. I figured I’d hang up photography for good since I was really only taking photos to document my work for school. I was and am surrounded by photography majors who take the same pride in their work as I do in my work, and photography wasn’t my work. I was intimidated and didn’t want to bother my peers with something I viewed as a hobby for me.

This summer changed my mind. For my boyfriend’s birthday, I bought him a SuperSampler and me a Fisheye, because, let’s face it, I had to buy myself a camera too. Unfortunately, something happened with the first roll of photos and we never ended up getting them back. Shortly after that, I broke the draw on the SuperSampler. I decided to replace the SuperSampler with the Oktomat in November for our Thanksgiving Camping Trip in Florida, where it proceeded to get stolen while sitting on a picnic bench (not my fault this time). So I ordered another Oktomat which currently has it’s first roll in it. Fingers crossed it survives.

Credits: edenhovenga

In the meantime though, we were able to take advantage of the Fisheye and I ended up pulling out a couple other cameras I had, my Dad’s old Canon Sureshot A1 and my Pentax K1000 from high school. I started taking the cameras with us every time I knew we were going out hiking or exploring.
And every time we got a new roll developed I just wanted to go take more and more photos.

Credits: edenhovenga

We took them on a family camping trip in West Virginia and the photos were a hit. Plus, I was completely in love with quite a few of them. So we took them on the Thanksgiving Camping Trip as well and this time I brought enough for everybody. I had my Pentax, my Canon Sureshot, my Fisheye, and the Oktomat. Four cameras for four people and we had a blast. Everyone took photos.

Credits: edenhovenga

So I, in my excitement, decided to invest in more cameras and films. I found a great lot of cameras on ebay and have added the Diana Mini, the Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina, and the Superheadz White Slim Angel to my personal collection. The Superheadz Golden Half came with the lot and I’m giving that one to my boyfriend’s brother, Jason. I also ordered about twenty plus rolls of different amazing films and I’m super excited to try everything out.

Over Christmas we finished like five rolls of film and I have a roll devoted just to New Years. I’m hoping to take doubles with a few. I’m just waiting for my film development envelopes to come in.

And tonight I’m off to take belated “Christmas Sweater” photos with my Pentax and give Jason his new camera. Happy Holidays! I hope everyone found this past year as inspiring as I did!

written by edenhovenga on 2013-01-04