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  • Holga 135BC Review

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-07-27 #gear
    Holga 135BC Review

    For all of us who love the vignette effect on the corners of classic Holga cameras, there is now a 35mm Holga! Built with the classic plastic lens of Holga, 2 aperture settings, and 2 shutter settings, this 35mm camera is perfect for amateurs or expert lomographers.

  • Action Sampler Review

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-06-08 #gear
    Action Sampler Review

    The Action Sampler is one of the funniest cameras. Built with four lens, this 35mm plastic camera is really sweet. It is a cheap camera, easy to load films, a light camera and always fun.

  • Springtime Equals Shooting Time

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-05-23
    Springtime Equals Shooting Time

    Which is the best season to take pictures? I guess the answer could be only one: SPRING!

  • Sprocking and Rocking!

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-05-04 #gear
    Sprocking and Rocking!

    Just a few days ago I received my Sprocket Rocket, and I have to say that it's spectacular. The great side of it is that you can take beautiful and panoramic photos with it, with or without sprocket holes, and the negative part is that you have to use a high ISO because otherwise your photos will come out dark and a little color dead.

  • My favorite Spot to Get Some Sun in Porec

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-05-01 #places
    My favorite Spot to Get Some Sun in Porec

    Do you ever think about having a favorite spot to get a tan? I didn't, until I moved to this house six years ago and I discovered my little spot, in Porec, Croatia.

  • The Colorful and Spooky Venice Carnival

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-03-16 #places
    The Colorful and Spooky Venice Carnival

    This year, like every other one, the carnival arrived. I was in Venice studying, and went to see the event. I always thought the carnival was somehow a little freaky and spooky with really expensive costumes, whose prices may vary 500€ and upwards to rent, something I could never afford.

  • The Salar de Uyuni

    written by eatclicklove on 2011-03-02 #places
    The Salar de Uyuni

    The Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat, it is located in southwest Bolivia. The Salar is part of the Altiplano (Spanish for high plain) of Bolivia Andes, and is elevated 3,650 meters above the mean sea level. Located near to the border between Bolivia and Chile, this huge salt flat has approximately 8.300 km², which means it is bigger than Titicaca Lake.