real bad


i have been a naughty naughty lomographer these past couple of weeks..!

Credits: dustbowlugly

very self absorbed, if nothing else. between the holidays, the monster dogs, my new job, i haven’t had time to leisurely browse my favorite lomohomes.. i feel like i need to catch up on all your dreamy technicolor holiday memories..

Credits: dustbowlugly

mine was full of family, boston terriers, weird christmas dinners, love, film and cameras! still waiting for my original lubitel from russia (with love!), and i spent all my piggies on lots of new film. i am glad for a breath between christmas and new years..

Credits: dustbowlugly

i also dusted off my grandfather’s pentax k1000 (he gave it to me when i was a kid, and it’s the camera tattooed on my stomach) and threw a roll in.. despite a grimy lens and dead battery light meter, this is still my favorite camera ever pieced together..

Credits: dustbowlugly

i promise once this new year rolls in, i will have more time to be more involved here at lomo! the guilt of all these likes with no chance to say thanks or browse a couple galleries is killing me!

thank you, and happy new year!

Credits: dustbowlugly

written by dustbowlugly on 2010-12-28


  1. stouf
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    Lovely !

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    AE-1s foreva!