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  • DIY Redscale Film

    written by casperxd on 2012-05-16 #gear #tutorials
    DIY Redscale Film

    I fell in love with redscale films after I used the XR 50-200. I decided to make my own redscale .When I'm trying to red scale my colour films , I found it's actually inconvenient that 2 films are required for the process and the taping part. So I tried to think of a method to redscale color film with just 1 film. I finally figured it out.

  • Thread Wrapped Leather Camera Strap

    written by jeanmendoza on 2012-05-04 #gear #tutorials
    Thread Wrapped Leather Camera Strap

    In this article from Instructables, we'll learn how to make our own leather camera strap for the Lubitel. If you want a long-lasting strap that will hold your Lubitel when you go an analogue adventure, read this article from gmjhowe.

  • Montevarchi

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  • The One Tree

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