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  • Painted Impressions of Pont-Aven, France

    written by drame on 2013-04-03 #places
    Painted Impressions of Pont-Aven, France

    Pont-Aven is a lovely Breton village near the Atlantic coast. Even though this small town -- with its 3000 inhabitants -- is fairly well hidden, one specific person singlehandedly put this small town on the map: world famous painter Paul Gauguin.

  • Carola Crane

    written by drame on 2012-01-16 #places
    Carola Crane

    Constructed in 1957, Carola Crane is an emblem of the town of Bilbao (Spain). It is the 30 tons and 60 meters high (in vibrant red) make up of this industrial component that make it a delight for Lomographers.

  • LomoKino: Action!

    written by drame on 2012-01-16 #videos #gear
    LomoKino: Action!

    The new Lomography camera has given movement to 35mm film. A couple of months ago, the revolution came back to the analog world. This time as a magic box, the LomoKino, is an analog camera that makes more than 144 frames in 30 seconds of passionate cinema.

  • SuperSampler: Anywhere You Like

    written by drame on 2011-08-01 #gear
    SuperSampler: Anywhere You Like

    Everyone knows how wonderful the multi-lens cameras are for the summer, and the results are always perfect when you provide the camera with an intense source of light. In the Summer it’s very easy, we must take into account the Winter sunlight, the first rays of Spring or the last remnants of Summer as in the mid October.

  • My Friend Troch

    written by drame on 2011-05-27
    My Friend Troch

    Who is from Canada, have more than 3,200 photos and say "Art is not optional!" ? My Lomofriend Troch. You should meet her and her amazing talent with a camera. I've interviewed for all of you...

  • The Rhine Falls

    written by drame on 2011-02-23 #places
    The Rhine Falls

    At the town of Schaffhausen, the Rhine reaches a width of 200 meters and has a summer flow of over 1,000 cubic meters per second. Then it faces a sudden drop of over 20 meters. This is known as the Rhine Falls (Rheinfalls), the largest in Europe.

  • Punta Galea, a Walk to Remember

    written by drame on 2011-02-22 #places
    Punta Galea, a Walk to Remember

    In the Biscay Coast (northern Spain) there is a long walk built on the cliffs. Mixing the mountain and the beach, here you can enjoy a walk to remember. Sounds interesting? Come on, enjoy it!

  • Howth, it's Magic!

    written by drame on 2011-02-20 #places
    Howth, it's Magic!

    The small fishing village of Howth is about a half an hour train journey from Dublin and is a perfect place to spend the day. It's one of the best places to enjoy local seafood, you can feed the seals in the port, and of course take a few photos.

  • Colmar, the Petite Venise

    written by drame on 2011-02-09 #places
    Colmar, the Petite Venise

    Last summer my family and I went on a holiday to Alsace, in north-eastern France. Colmar was my favorite city I saw in the trip. It was founded in the 9th century, because of that you can feel its rich history.

  • Carrión International Regatta

    written by drame on 2011-01-20 #places
    Carrión International Regatta

    Velilla del Río Carrión is a municipality in the province of Palencia. Every 15th of August the locals hold a grand event in honor of Our Lady of Arenas and San Roque. It is considered to be the biggest event of the year with cucañas and canoes. It is definitely a grand celebration that is eagerly anticipated by the locals.