• Urbex: Nine Levels Copper Refinery

    written by dragontw on 2012-06-12
    Urbex: Nine Levels Copper Refinery

    Doing some Urbex photography has been one of my photography goals this year, but it took awhile to find a good first location. With a bit of research I found out about an old Copper Refinery that dates back to the Japanese Occupation in Taiwan. It closed down in the early 70's and was left abandoned for nature to take over. It's located on the North coast of Taiwan and it would be a full day trip to reach the location.

  • Your Favorite Rat's Eye View Shot

    written by dragontw on 2012-05-31
    Your Favorite Rat's Eye View Shot

    One of the staple fun shots in Lomography is the "Rat's Eye View" shot.

  • My Holga loves Ilford HP5 Plus

    written by dragontw on 2011-12-23
    My Holga loves Ilford HP5 Plus

    Pleasantly surprised by this versatile black and white film.

  • Taipei Street Art

    written by dragontw on 2011-11-01
    Taipei Street Art

    Taipei has so much street art that it's impossible to walk somewhere without stopping to snap a picture.

  • Creating a Lomoscope

    written by dragontw on 2011-10-20
    Creating a Lomoscope

    Ever had an image that simply didn't work? The angles are off, the colours aren't quite right, the focal point is all wrong - things simply aren't clicking? The kaleidoscope effect is a fun way to bring new life to this kind of image, and a creative way to experiment with patterns.