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  • Foto des Tages von _baunovart_

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    Foto des Tages von _baunovart_

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch _baunovart_ zum Foto des Tages!

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  • Ang Siang Hill

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    Light painting at Ang Siang Hill!

  • Ang Siang Hill

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    Light painting at Ang Siang Hill!

  • A Poignant reminder?

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    A poignant reminder perhaps of another time not so far distant. Was hesitant to take this shot but I am glad I did. I think.

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    summer sweet time #LCA-wide #FUJIX-TRA

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  • Ostseewinter // Freest

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    Revolog 600nm #1

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    14.4.16 #street #MICF #canon #melbourne #laneway

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  • Boy Scouts in Camp

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    Last year my cousin and I reactivated the old darkroom of our great-uncle.

  • Isolated Tree

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    Last year my cousin and I reactivated the old darkroom of our great-uncle.

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  • Summer and Winter

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    First Layer shot last summer with an actionsampler. Second Layer (main layer) shot this winter with an LC-Wide while skiing in Flachau

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    picture number 2000! yeah!

  • look up

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    More details on the Nikonos V here:

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    playing with the Splitzer and the Wide Angle lens

  • my regular walk

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    I leave house, walk by the river to the Tower bridge and Tower of London, stop at Starbacks for tall Cappuccino take away, walk to Monument, take a picture of Cheese-grater building on the other side of the river, check out House of Fraser, and walk back home.

  • First time try the Kodak E 100VS, much…

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  • Bandung Carnival Land

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    Why this is my favorite lomograph? Because its simply like life, we go through all the motion and enjoy it!

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    "I want to intruduce you a my new friend "Mr Rabbit"...he is very special rabbit, he is crazy, he is a bad rabbit, and he likes to hurt others but deep down i lke his personality...Deep down sure he is a great rabbit" "Quiero presentaros a mi nuevo amigo "Mr Rabbit". Es un conejo muy especial, esta muy muy loco, es un mal conejo y le gusta hacer daño a los demas...pero en el fondo me encanta su el fondo seguro que es un bueno conejo"

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    If only we were two then things could be easier -- we'd finish tasks earlier, discover more places, and meet more people in this world. But then, that's a magic we still can't accomplish, that's why the illusion of double exposing is here! (POTD 05.05.12)

  • We must celebrate water

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    Not only for driking but also for playing! This picture is maybe my best moment with Lomography. I met local people in a swimming pool an enjoyed a session jumping swimming and giving the camera to them to take lost of pictures. This moment was magic!

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    One of the most stunning analogue photos in our Community these past few weeks, this Lomograph sure deserves this spot! Beautifully crafted and well-thought, check out today's featured Lomograph. (P.O.T.D. 06.13.12)

  • Balloon Race II

    shared by megs79 on 2010-09-23

    Underexposed multi layered photo. I can imagine there is a true sense of wonder and isolation soaring above the clouds in a baloon looking down on Earth. There are a lot of reasons this lomograph is one of my favorites. It is my most popular lomograph. It is a double exposure and I love doubles. I also love hot air balloons and hope to one day ride in one.

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    Fisheye Bowling B&W Feb 2016

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    London 2010 Chinese New Year XP2

  • Vectis300

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    Minolta Vectis300(APS

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    Today I learnt that you need to set the exposure compensation at +1 when doing macro (unless the sky is behind the subject)