Dream Date

you know how people say that when you meet the one, you just know? I do.

Credits: dkformsma

I’ve met my boyfriend in January 2010. It took me one look in his big brown eyes and I was sold. Eventhough we both felt it, we started of being friends. It took us 8 months to admit to each other how head over heels we are. So it didn’t come as a surprise that last January I decided to leave my life in Holland behind and move to Sweden to be with him.

Unfortunately it has taken me until now to get all the paperwork done for my stay here and I wasn’t allowed to apply for a job before. The result of this is that my boyfriend had to work long hours to support me; every day from 6 to 18 to be exact.

Credits: dkformsma

You can imagine that he is really looking forward to our summer holiday together. A holiday in which we will celebrate our first anniversary. We will go to the South of France on the 25th of August, to spend two weeks with my family in their summer house. But you can imagine that there won’t be that much romance going on with my family around. That’s why I would like to ask for my perfect date to celebrate our anniversary, which is the 27th of August, in style.

- Lunch at the beach – 50 euros
We’d start of the day with a nice lunch on the beach. Yummy sea food, a bottle of wine… and after that we’d go basking in the sun and splash around in the sea.

- Dinner overlooking the valley – 80 euros
After a long day at the beach, we’d go for a stroll through the beautiful village of Bormes Les Mimosas. We’d wander through the pretty little streets, before we’d head to restaurant Le Cigalou. There we would eat Moules Frites and would have Chocolat Fondant with Creme Anglaise as a dessert. Which is our favourite dessert in the whole wide world. Even though we’re very much in love, we love this dish too much to share it. So we’d be naughty and have one each.

- A dreamy hotelroom with a bottle of champagne – 120 euros
After that dinner mischief, I would take him up to our hotel room, which is in the same building as the restaurant. There would be a bottle of champagne waiting for us and I would make sure the room would look its best with rose petals and a bath running. There we’d end the night. Or at least, that’s where I stop telling the story. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Total: 250 euros

I hope you can help me out. It would be an amazing way to celebrate our first anniversary and to thank him for all that he’s done for me the past months.

Thank you in advance,
lots of Lomo love,

written by dkformsma on 2011-07-22