Recesky TLR Camera


After 4 hours of building this from a kit (sausage fingers and small springs)

I had never used a TLR and decided to run a couple of rolls to see if it even worked…
I was blown away

Credits: djramsay
Credits: djramsay

I tried my first ever double exposures and I was very lucky with the position of the flowers

Credits: djramsay

This really is a magnificent camera and only costs £9.99

Credits: djramsay
Credits: djramsay

Everyone should own one

Credits: djramsay
Credits: djramsay

written by djramsay on 2012-09-05


  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Wow, thats some great quality from a DIY camera. I was thinkin about getting one of those.

  2. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    @110isnotdead you should, setting up the shutter is a pain, the springs need stretching to get the right speed etc but well worth it - Xpro helps withthe photos too :)

  3. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    I love my recesky! The moment when the shutters first open smoothly into a full circle of light against the dark camera body is truly magical to me. Be sure to check your shutters after every roll to make sure its working correctly :)

  4. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    great shots. My shutter always blocks after 20 shots. Currently my Recesky is unscrewed again. When I see this I want to fix it once again.

  5. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    I've been planning ot get one too. That shot with the metal dragonfly is great.

  6. stratski
    stratski ·

    Yes, it's definitely on my list, this one. *wipes away the drool*

  7. why-yu
    why-yu ·

    wow!!! impressive memories.. cool!!

  8. kangiha
    kangiha ·

    really nice shots with the Recessky!

  9. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    only £10 new on ebay, best £10 i've ever spent

  10. nigell
    nigell ·

    Great value indeed, so good in fact I bought two (and converted one to pinhole!). Great set of images, I've never tried XPro so that will be the next roll through my Recesky :-)

  11. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    I love mine...but yeah, check the shutter after every roll...I've had to fix mine once already (that shutter spring is the hardest part @_@). I adore it, I might buy another XD.