• Bigger, Better, Bloggier

    written by dhuffone on 2011-12-26
    Bigger, Better, Bloggier

    Pulling out of the 2011 Photoslump **** Worldwide Camera Sharing Project Update **** New Impossible PX100 UV+ Video (featuring Pablo) ****

  • Blog Jammin'!

    written by dhuffone on 2011-04-06
    Blog Jammin'!

    Exciting News! Prophecies! A Stripper! And a Short Story! :-)

  • I did it for the Piggies!!!

    written by dhuffone on 2011-03-24
    I did it for the Piggies!!!

    A shameless blog about nothing

  • Spring Is Here!

    written by dhuffone on 2011-03-05
    Spring Is Here!

    Just some cool stuff I wanted to share with everybody :-)

  • Integrity

    written by dhuffone on 2011-02-09

    Just bloggin' out of control :-)

  • Worldwide Camera Sharing Project!

    written by dhuffone on 2011-01-29
    Worldwide Camera Sharing Project!

    This is my first blog ever! My first Lomo project ever! And my first PSA ever! ***Update: I have extended the deadline for this project indefinitely! In an effort to share this camera and experience with as many people as possible. I would like the camera to be sent back only when it is broken or no longer usable. So, spread the word!