I just recently got into lomography, as of around mid/early-October 2012. I decided to get in on this activity not only to pursue a variation of visual art that really interested me when I was younger, but to also inspire creative writing ideas with the images conceived. I value the lack of control a lomographer has over his/her images; the fact that you can't know what you've shot until it's developed seems like a gritty, honest way to capture the world around you, and the romanticism I've perceived from it makes me want to learn more.

Current lomography camera: La Sardina (St. Tropez)

I'm a loner with a variety of interests, including creative writing, video games (especially regarding the survival-horror genre), random research projects (I've recently picked up books about the French Revolution on a whim), and Japanese fairy tales. Aaaaaand I've got a lot of free time to do these things until I begin college and get a job this summer (aka, until I finally accept that I'm nearly 21 and act like it, heh). I may as well add some lomography to the list and enjoy my current lack of obligations while it lasts.

Also, why is Rooster Cogburn my account avatar? Because Rooster Cogburn is amazing.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. Glad to be here ^_^

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