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Credits: dermanu

I got introduced to photography by my mom, who was working in a big photo consumer service store. She took pictures through all my childhood, from me and my brothers, mostly family stuff. At that time you didn’t have a choice between film or digital, cause there was only film. While my mom was using mostly a Nikon SLR she gave me and my big brother a Minolta Weathermatic to make photos of our own, an underwater pocket cam.

Later as a teenager I bought myself a Polaroid cam, which I still use. I mainly used it to take naughty pictures of my girlfriend ;-).

Years passed by, digital cams came up. But somehow I never lost touch. It was around 2006 when I first heard about Lomography. There was some footage in magazines and I became curious about it. I discovered the website and learned some new words, like ‘medium format’.

Finally 2008, after my marriage broke down and I had to re-invent myself, I started to invest part of my life in two new hobbies, dancing and analogue photography. Well, not really ‘new’ hobbies, but it felt new. My first analogue cam was a Holga 120GFN. Medium format film was hard to get at that time, but I got my grip on some Fuji Superia 100 rolls. I shot like two rolls and after they got developed I was a bit disappointed. Of course I didn’t know anything about how hungry of light the Holga was and how useless the built-in flash actually is. Nowadays I know better and use it with the Lomography Ringflash indoors or in low light situations.

But nevertheless, from these two rolls I could still get a bunch of good pictures. One of these pictures is the one with the dancer stretching as a preparation for a competition. She already wears her fancy dancing dress and is totally unaware of the clumsy guy taking a picture of her. I like how she is wrapped up in the darkness while she bursts of light and colors. And I also like how she is concentrating on herself, dedicated to the moment, revealing her inner and outer beauty.

Although it might be technically imperfect, it is one of the most beautiful pictures in my LomoHome. Hope you like it too.

written by dermanu on 2013-09-17


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wow, it's so inspiring stories. You're a very lucky man to have a mom who work at photo store. At analogue era my mom was always took a photo of me too with her fuji pocket camera & she regularly use fujifilm because there were a lot of fuji image service near by my home at that time. Until now I always admired her analogue shoot. Unfortunately she hates my analogue hobbies because I'm still an unemployee which made her think I'm wasting money from her instead of get the real job. It's so beautiful how mother connected to their child with analogue photography. I also read LaChapelle Land book. David LaChapelle told that he was inspired by Helga LaChapelle, his mom, who always decorated her photo shoot. And now David is the best decorated photographer I ever saw. Haha, sorry I'm typing too much. Last, sorry about your marriage. I thought I'm the only one who sorrow at because I'm 6 years being unemployee, but I learn that all of the people have their own difficult time in life. And just like you, analogue photography is my self-healing through the 6 years of difficult time

  2. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    @hervinsayeh Thanks for your sympathy. I had some rough times the last years, but luck came back. In August my son was born. Becoming a father changes so much and gives you a whole new perspective. Just keep on with photography, being creative will keep you up! ;-)

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Congrats for being a new dad & thanks, I will =)

  4. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    Thanks ;-) Baby pictures will follow.