Winter is coming ...

Credits: dermanu

It’s November and people everywhere are preparing for Christmas. The last months were hard for some lomo enthusiasts, for various reasons. First the new piggie rules, which pissed off a lot of the regular writers. And then just recently the release of the new lenses for the micro 4/3 digital cams, which made the hardcore lomoists go mad. However, it’s not as if everything was bad in the last few months. I’m looking forward to the new DIANAF+ glass lens for example. But maybe it’s time for the guys at Lomography to listen to the lomo people, before they piss them off again. That’s why I’m publishing this wishlist now and I encourage you all to publish your own wishlist. Here is mine:

1. Film that is available for an effordable price and almost always in stock. I mean, the LomoChrome stuff is fine, but one roll costs more than 10€ and you have to pre-order at least five rolls for about four to six months in advance. That sucks!

2. As the new 75mm glass lens for the DIANA is out I wish for a 110mm tele glass lens producing the same sharp pictures. Cause I just can’t efford the petzval lens.

3. The Lomo l-ca is an automatic 35mm, the Bel-Air an automatic 120 cam. I want an automatic pocket cam. Maybe with interchangeable lenses. Maybe even for underwater shoots, I had a water-proof one when I was a kid, a Minolta Weathermatic.

4. Talking about pocketfilm, I want a 400 ISO color pocketfilm and a 400 ISO b/w pocketfilm!

5. An Instant back for the Lubitel+! Maybe even using the INSTAX Wide format. That would be so cool!!!

So, that’s my wishlist. What about you?

written by dermanu on 2013-11-05


  1. maeusedisko
    maeusedisko ·

    i'd really appreciate an app for this website!!

  2. math0165
    math0165 ·

    I'd already be happy if they'd keep their films in stock :) I mean, just a while ago the lomo xpro chrome was back in stock, I managed to secure a pack for me, a day later it was out of stock again. So, there is enough demand, right?

  3. maeusedisko
    maeusedisko ·

    agree!!! @math0165

  4. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    And I want to 122 meters ORWO Negative Film N 74 plus ...

  5. crevans27
    crevans27 ·

    Good blog.....but I am the same. I just want a good range of film to consistently be in stock!