• Punch Drunk Love

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    Someone passed the camera he borrowed from somebody and then ask me to finish nearly half film of his.

  • Bathing in hot water

    written by t82 on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials
    Bathing in hot water

    First steps to modify the film before its exposure. I've read the article about the salty water and also the one about the dishwasher bath for the filmrolls. Well, I am not so known yet in LabRat so I thought of starting from the very beginning.

  • Matthew Brandt's Fascinating Soaked Photographs

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2012-03-19
    Matthew Brandt's Fascinating Soaked Photographs

    A Los Angeles-based artist has created some unique photographs with interesting hues and textures. How did he do it? The technique may be familiar to us lomographers! Learn more about it after the jump!

  • Being Analogue in a Digital World

    written by alexzenit on 2012-03-20
    Being Analogue in a Digital World

    When I first took up analogue photography, my digital loving friends thought I was crazy. But after showing them my first set of photographs, I can't help but think I may have won them over.

  • 10 Golden Rules in Rock Lomography

    written by johann_affendy on 2011-08-20 #gear #tutorials
    10 Golden Rules in Rock Lomography

    Shooting live gigs has been quite an experience for me. Totally different from what I’ve been documenting prior to my Rock Lomography side project. I admit, I’m still new in music photography but I would like to share some of my knowledge with fellow lomographers based on my one-year stint. Just a few simple tips if you’re trying out. Remember this does not conform to regular music photography guidelines. Here are the 10 Golden Rules in Rock Lomography :

  • Reminiscing Quezon City

    written by faizza on 2012-03-18 #places
    Reminiscing Quezon City

    Reminiscing the past is always good so we can learn from it. With my camera, I looked back on the history of one of the Philippine's heroines and my personal history at the university where I earned my degree. This is Quezon City, my second home.

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    Nothing better then sprinting up the fire exit to the roof and taking lubitel pictures in the sunset

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