2011, My First Year of Lomography... and My Best Photo

Credits: dearjme

My journey throughout this past year of 2011 has spanned the width between my starter camera, the Lomography Diana Mini up until today, where I usually shoot with my trusty Canon AE-1 Program. In between I’ve been extremely blessed to use the legendary Lomo LC-A+ and the amazingly handsome and sleek Lomo Lubitel 166+. Many photos have been churned out of those cameras, all equally precious and meaningful to me.

This shot was taken with my Lomo Lubitel 166+, using the 35mm Lubiken converter. By far, this camera was the toughest to manipulate and persuade to function properly. I had no prior knowledge of how to use a fully manual camera or how to guess proper settings, and safe to say, this photo proves my point. It is drastically overexposed, and the slide film is not entirely forgiving to this.

However………. within the nooks and crannies of each imperfection, I find that this photo is the most exquisitely beautiful and meaningful photo of 2011 in my collection. The very essence of Lomography is embedded within every millimeter of the slide, screaming and prompting me to go out and try, try again — to make mistakes, embrace them, don’t think, just shoot, and see the beauty in everything.

The overexposed sky paints a creamy slate in this photo, and the double exposure of my best friend Kayla, against the old abandoned railroad tracks creates an otherworldly atmosphere that transports me out of the mundane into the extraordinary. Also, the dreamy, out of focus factor in this photo gives the extra “oomph” to crafting a fascinating realm, complete with sprockets.

Hands down, this is my favorite shot of 2011, and it may be for reasons that do not make complete sense — but isn’t that incongruity and rupture of art exactly what us Lomographers embrace so tightly?

written by dearjme on 2012-01-12