Missing School, hwat?

We just began Spring Break at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, my beloved school. Safe to say, I’m so relieved to be freed from the stresses of midterms and projects. Within the last week before break, I had 3 exams, 2 papers and a powerpoint presentation! Best believe my brain hurt to its fullest extent.
Anyhow, this being a severely informal blog due to my Lab not working and only showing up as a black square in the middle of an opaque screen, thus preventing me from uploading ANYTHING…. I had to McGuyver an entry that could revolve around the photos I had already uploaded. And most of my photos were shot on campus.
Let me tell you all a bit more about Manoa. I personally believe that Manoa is one of the most beautiful and relaxed neighborhoods around Oahu, Hawaii. It’s nestled in a valley in the direction more inland than Waikiki. So the entire area is gorgeously lush with green life and wonderful flowers that are tended to by the mostly elderly population. The houses are all of the vintage stature, stately white porches, brass shutters, kind of reminiscent of the “My Fair Lady,” era. I absolutely adore the area. And even moreso, the Manoa Marketplace, which is the equivalent to the town center/market, just has about anything one could need in simplicity.

Credits: dearjme

But back to the campus — the same beauty immersed in the streets of Manoa Valley, can be seen on the concrete grounds at school. Central to the school is a wonderful mall walkway that is hovered over with the canopies of tall trees, making a lovely natural tent to meander under. The admin have put a number of hours into making sure that the campus had become home to multiple natural Hawaiian plants, which are simply beautiful to gaze upon.

Credits: dearjme

What else can I say? Hawaii is just a stunning and beautiful place.

written by dearjme on 2011-03-24