I'm giving up Lomography


I’m finally giving up with being a lomographer and going back to digital.

I’m just fed up with all the bright colours, grain, lightleaks and all the other unpredictable crap on my photos.

I want space in my fridge to put food & beer so I’m getting rid of all my film.

I want my bookshelves back so the cameras are going.

I want photos of the cats to look like they do in real life.

It’s the end, thanks everyone, and goodbye…

written by dazb on 2011-04-01


  1. minty_
    minty_ ·

    this probably has something to do with april fools day? :D

  2. lightblue
    lightblue ·


  3. -alia-
    -alia- ·


  4. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    I'll take the film and your fisheye2 and diana f+ plz.
    Hit me up with a PM, I'm ready to send money your way right now for shipping and a sixpack of good ale.

  5. squamy
    squamy ·


  6. helenapie
    helenapie ·

    nice one!

  7. devildi
    devildi ·

    april april .... das würdest du NIEEEEE tun ;-)

  8. dazb
    dazb ·


    it was an april fool joke :)