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  • Fusillini sisters proudly present...

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    Marta and Adele (aka Fusillini sisters) have been friends of mine for quite a long time and we spent some pretty crazy times together. I love taking pictures of them because even if their approach to the camera is totally different (Adele is really confident, Marta is rather shy and insecure) they are both really good at following instructions and I'm always satisfied with the outcome. Berlin, as usual, offered some perfect backgrounds to our photoshooting: the charming charlottenburg castle garden, the spooky and huge abandoned chemical factory in Rudersdorf and the never disappointing Mauerpark.

  • Impressionen einer Hochzeit

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    Ich hatte die große Ehre der offizielle Lomograf der Hochzeit meines Schwagers Dom und seiner Frau Amrit ( @nikolina ) zu sein. Die Trauung fand im Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart statt. Eine traumhafte Kulisse zum feiern eines solchen Events. Aber noch beeindruckender war der "Weiße Saal", indem die Zeremonie stattfand. Ich danke beiden für den unvergesslichen Tag, ihrem Vertrauen in mein fotografisches Können und natürlich für die feucht-fröhliche Feier danach!!!!! (Haaaaaaaaavanna!!!!) @nikolina Willkommen in der Familie. Damit sind jetzt meine Kameras auch Deine Kameras und umgekehrt. ;) :D :D :D

  • Stockholm, Schweden

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  • Lumen Print. 2015

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    I can't identify the flower

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    jupiter 9 lens

  • Rooftop, Fun, James

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    This is one of two roll from lomowalk with @adi_totp and @ekeupratama. Yess fun lomowalk! And when we found rooftop, mirror, and unused mannequin, everything got crazy. Jameesss!! hahaha

  • #4 Vacation 2013 - Bamberg - chillin at the park

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    After 2 days in Bamberg full of party, a lot of Bavarian beer and food... we needed a day off. We therefore went to the city park in Bamberg. great place to hang out. it was suny so I used my Canon 28mm wide angle lens + lens hood. Unfortunately, you can see the lens hood on all photos. The combination of wide-angle lens + lens hood does not work together. My mistake. : ( so Stupid!!!

  • Snow Night

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    LC-A+ meets stars. First tried stellar lomography wth LC-A+. Valve photography. Exposed for 1 minute. Lomography X-Pro100 (Cross processed). Really tough challenge in minus 15 degrees, but I enjoyed a lot.

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  • Cricket and others

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    Olympus MJU II with Fuji Superia 200, photos from cricket event and mix of others. :)

  • Pleasant Surprise

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    I went on eBay a few weeks ago to find more Agfa film, cos right now I am absolutely obsessed with them, when I found a listing for a film called Agfachrome 50L. The listing had 5 of them and the seller had warned that he didn't know what the condition of the film was as he had only gotten it from an estate sale. Still, the film already got my attention and I didn't wanna miss the opportunity of seeing what the film does so I bought it anyway. It turns out that that I made the right move because this film, which has a light but noticeable pink hue, is just amazing! Check out my latest Analogue Girl About Town article that was inspired by this film:

  • Turnaround (NYC #1)

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    I was visiting my good friend Paulein NYC and Coney Island is always an obligatory stop on my way to the city...

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    #fuji #provia #400X #spring

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  • Bike Date

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  • Double itinerante // a Walking Double

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    Io e Goonies passeggiando per Napoli, in compagnia della Diana F+ Tori Amos . . è andata più o meno così .. Goonies carica una pellicola, e scatta la prima foto . Mi dice : vuoi scattare una doppia? Click ! poi aggiunge avanza e scatta, poi non avanzare e fammi scattare. Ne è nato un double itinerante ! ///////////////////////////////// I and Goonies were walking around Naples, with a Diana F + Tori Amos. . .. Goonies uploaded a film, and took the first picture. He said : Do you want to take a double? .. Click! .. Then he said : forward and shoot, then, don't forward and let me shoot. The result was a walking double !

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  • Spring Time

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    Spring on the Farm

  • Both sides of the daily life

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    Exposing both sides of the film (EBS). I shot on correct(normal) side first in a sunny/bright day, at ISO400(ISO800 film inside). Below half of the lense was masked with a splitzer. After finished a roll, reverse the film (in a dark-room). Then start shooting on redscale side in a cloudy/rainy day, at ISO200. Upper half was masked with a splitzer. The order of each location is precisely the same as 1st shots. I took notes in details about locations and shot all places with iPhone, to remember locations. Need patience, concentration, and accuracy for this challenge. Plus must be careful with 'gaps' between frames. Have a look at my article about this technique:

  • swap with the wonderful horstreflex

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    Road trip from Almeria to Cantabria in #spain with #canonA1 and #purplefilm

  • Fuji Tungsten 64T expired and cross-processed

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  • swap with the wonderful horstreflex

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    Lomo LC-A x Kodak Portra 400 x Graal-Müritz

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    I started this film in Norfolk and finished in Mojacar, on my son's birthday. We drove more than 2000 km, most of France was raining hence the lack of photos from France :( I can't be sure but I think I used agfa ct precisa

  • Lily

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    #NC500, it was a great surprise to see water lilies on a tiny road side loch when crossing from Lochinver to Drumbeg

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    with warming filter.

  • Loch Lochy

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    Canon EOS 300, Great Glen Way, June 2016

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  • Masjid (Mosque) Lautze

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    The first mosque with Chinese architecture in town @ jalan (street) Lembong, Bandung, Indonesia

  • Caledonian Canal

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    Canon EOS 300, Great Glen Way, June 2016

  • Unrequited Nights

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    Once again it's happening All this love is unrequited Twice the pain, the suffering All my love is unrequited All my love is unrequited That must mean I'll live again And get back what I gave my men Get back what I lost to them All the shame, this crying game All my love I've been denied All my love is unrequited And I know it so well I could play it again Looking back at myself While the violin plays This endure is my tomb Another stitch to my wound Another inch in this dwell I know it all too well When once again it's happening All our love has gone divided All my love is unrequited All my love is unrequited All my love is unrequited All my love is unrequited Lykke Li - Unrequited Love

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    Horizon 202 & Agfa CT Precisa - KORSIKA

  • Mágico desde 1883.

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    Ésta lomografía fue tomada en el acto de graduación de una familiar, quedé sorprendido al entrar, inevitable quedar boquiabierto, fue una larga exposición, unos 7 segundos. :) .:Un poco de historia extraída desde el website oficial del teatro:. El gran Teatro Baralt de Maracaibo fue inaugurado el 24 de julio de 1883, con un espectáculo diseñado en aquel entonces, para 400 personas, que fue zarzuela “Choza y Palacio”, interpretada por un grupo de niñas del Colegio de la Inmaculada. En 1928 se ordena y ejecuta la demolición del viejo Teatro y cuatro años más tarde, en 1932, se inaugura en la misma esquina de las calles Venezuela y Urdaneta, el nuevo Teatro Baralt. Este Teatro de 1932, es la edificación del Teatro actual, el cual estuvo cerrado por un espacio aproximado de doce años, siendo lograda su reapertura en 1998, cuando fue puesta en funcionamiento la Fundación Teatro Baralt, FundaBaralt, fundación creada por la Universidad del Zulia, LUZ, debidamente registrada con anterioridad en 1994. Desde 1955 el Teatro Baralt es un ente tutelado por la Universidad del Zulia y en noviembre de 1981 fue declarado Monumento Nacional de Venezuela pasando a ser Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad. Hoy el Teatro Baralt está concebido para no cerrar jamás, mediante una programación sólida, continuada y constante, dedicada al consecuente público del Zulia, de Venezuela y del mundo.

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  • Sunset Jump!

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    I was so pleased with this picture, I never imagines it would come up so nicely! This is my favourite picture of all.

  • Holga & Ilford Delta 3200

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    #home developed #Holga #black&white

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  • Save the water, drink wine

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