Paradise Pan - An Action Sampler Motion Picture Test

Paradise Pan is a mini test movie I made on the Lomography Action Sampler multi lens camera. I used 14 frames of film. I panned over my Lanai (porch) in Maui. I shot one 4 frame burst at a time, stopping after each one.

Just like the Lomokino, this method will give you 4 frames per frame of film, or 144 frames on a roll of 36. The aspect ratio is quite different at 3:2 aka 1.5:1. So it’s kind of like you take a Lomokino frame and cut it in half, and stack it on top of the other half.

I used the same method for post as all my Lomokino movies, scan it in with Silverfast, organize in Lightroom, slice it up in Photoshop, and edit in Final Cut. I believe this has been done before, but I wanted to try it for myself. Colors were altered in Silverfast. Shot on Fuji 200 Film.

If anyone from Lomography wants me to do a tipster on how I made this film, I can, but as I said earlier I believe this has been done before.

This clip is part of a larger action sampler pop movie project i have ongoing. I plan to put a year of action sampler images into one bad-ass movie. Look out for it at the end of 2012.