SOURCE on Film - A Lomokino Short

SOURCE interactive Arts & music festival changed my life for the better. It was a place where I finally felt I could be exactly who I wanted to be, and was celebrated for it. The more involved in the festival you were, the more INVOLVED in the festival you were. I dressed up like Fred Flintstone during the day & Godzilla at night. I shot instant photos and gave them out as gifts, spreading my message of Analogue Love. I made a bunch of great new friends and strengthened my bonds with my old ones.

I went to SOURCE with my fellow producer Stacy Lopez to get super junglefied before filming the jungle scenes of our movie (also starring Stacy) Jungle Girl. It was the perfect place for us to connect and conceptualize. I know our film will be better for it.

SOURCE allowed me to look at things exactly how I want to see them. Which brings me to my little film here. Originally I had brought 60 rolls of film, not knowing what to expect or how much I was going to shoot. After carrying my camera bag around the first wet day, I decided you're either in it or capturing it, and I wanted to be in it.

SOURCE on Film is 5 rolls I shot with the Lomography Lomokino mostly on the first day and parts of the second. If you don't know about the Lomokino it's a Super35mm camera that takes regular 35mm camera film bringing moving film pictures to anyone. It's a fantastic piece of plastic that opens up the experience of shooting films to anyone crazy enough to take on the editing. I also used a whiskey 1 filter taped to the front of the camera for all shots. THE SOUND...........Not my best work, but it's an accurate representation of my feelings of being torn at the beginning of SOURCE between capturing it and living it. Instead of laying the footage over a song I used the original wind heavy, distorted audio I captured with my H4N sound recorder. You might need to turn the volume all the way up, but then that makes this piece interactive as well.

This film is not perfect, and neither am I. SOURCE helped me to actualize to the level that I'm confident in whatever I produce because it's my art.

This film was processed and produced in one day because we are working so hard on Jungle Girl, filming currently.


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    the embedded video doesn't seem to be working properly. Plz see the film on vimeo.

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    it's working now....