My Konstruktor story

Credits: davecmorrow

One of my birthday presents to myself this year was the Konstruktor, the release date of this camera was perfect timing form me. Unfortunately I had to wait for the second shipment of the camera so it missed my birthday. However, having now received the camera and built it I love it.

Here is how my build project went:

Credits: davecmorrow

For some reason building the lens took me a while to get right. That along with putting the spring in place took me the longest time. The rest of the build was quite simple. However, I have to admit that before I built each section I did check out the videos online first, they were much more useful compared to the instruction manual.

It is a great camera, I have never used a top view camera before and that does take a bit of getting use to. The one problem I have with the camera is the counter… Mine turns to random numbers so I have to remember what frame I was on. As that is the only problem I have I am very happy!!!

As soon as it was built I put a film in, it has just been finished and sent for processing, I cannot wait to see how the photos come out. As soon as I get the prints back they will be online.

written by davecmorrow on 2013-07-09

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  1. philhale
    philhale ·

    Glad to know that it's not just me then. The frame counter on my Konstructor goes to random numbers too.