The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!


hey lomonerds
im danby choi
living in oslo, norway
born here with Korean parents,
which means they are ingeniours

having a Diana F+ fisheye, normal objective and instant back (polaroid sheets)

And a Nikon FM2 with a flash, which my mom used in India once upone the times

And a Nikon D90 for my digital photographies

I'm a lomoer, but I've worked too much digitals to follow these rules. Never shot from hip.

With my Diana I just try to get free, out of this box of rules, with my FM2, I take analogues, followed by digital rules, with my D90 I do a lot of photoshop.

I also have like 5 other camera, but they are too booring to get mentioned.

im a pro dancer in norway, performing a lot
im a dubber, dubbing somes on Cartoon Network in Norway
im a model, modelling and catwalking for Alex Verdini Salloons and Arkaden Shopping in oslo 2010/11
im a blogger, well, top hundreds (?) in norway

and just super dope


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